Good Afternoon from Pirate’s Cove, Barbados

November 29, 2016

Watching the water -Pirate's Cove, Barbados

Pondering the water

My photo sequence of a day at the beach always starts with a picture of my legs stretched out towards the sea. Sand-dried toes silhouetted against blue water curling over with white waves, my goal is to make the viewer jealous with awe. This day was no different: it found me at Pirate’s Cove on Daiquiri Beach in Barbados’ spirited capital, Bridgetown.


Thatched-palm beach umbrellas and good company

My afternoon started in solitude with me lounging under a thatched palm umbrella quietly pondering the expanse of blue in front of me (remember my beach day pose?). The combination of warm and breezy was just right and only a few other umbrellas were occupied, so the beach wasn’t crowded. The only sounds were those coming from my rumbling stomach, which drove me to survey the eating options: the Bamboo Beach Bar, offering open-air enjoyment of  cocktails, light snacks, and the Cove’s signature burger, and an indoor food court featuring Caribbean, Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisine.

Soon, I was talking to my liming (chilling) buddy from behind a mountainous burger laden with cheese, onions, and pineapples. It seemed a strange mix at first but the sweet/salty combination actually tasted nice! Adding fries, some cold Banks beers, and great company made it the perfect day: a photographer friend of mine had shown up and was taking pictures during a discussion that ranged from the “casualness” of posing to the dangers of international journalism.


Daiquiri Beach Bar – get your cocktails and signature burger here!


Outdoor restaurant – beach dining at its best


Indoor food court complete with international cuisine, spa services, souvenir shop and ship mock-up for photos of the kids

What else could I have done besides lounging around all afternoon? Pirate’s Cove presents plenty of options. Maybe sign up for a day of snorkelling and swimming with turtles or a jet ski ride. The (non-existent) athlete in me would have enjoyed some sports in the sand like beach cricket, volleyball, paddle ball, or football (soccer). Or, after subjecting my legs to the “hard work” of walking through the craft market and souvenir shop in the indoor food court, I could possibly have dragged myself across the room to spa services for a pedicure! Failing that, there was always the option of returning for an evening lime or another special night for a theme party.

With endless options, I chose the most obvious one: continue lounging around until the afternoon tranquillity gave way to an even more calming sunset! As my friend went off for a quick dip, I lay back and revelled in peace. A silvery-yellow haze framed the darkened palm trees just ahead of me and strains of reggae music from behind wafted in and out of earshot. This was it. This was the picture-perfect end to my relaxing day at Pirate’s Cove. I would definitely be coming back!


A perfect sunset ends a perfect day

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