Latin Style Weekend Fiesta in St. Vincent

October 11, 2016

It was the end of September and finally that most anticipated event on our calendar had arrived: the LPSVG-LPTT Latin Fiesta Weekend, where we hosted our sister school, Latin Passion Trinidad & Tobago (LPTT), for 4 days of dancing, workshops, performances, and…. did we say dancing?

First of all, who are “we”? “We” are LatinPassion SVG (LPSVG), and we are all about Latin dancing. The only established Latin dance school in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, we provide lessons in salsa, bachata, kizomba, and (soon to be) tango. Merengue and the hustle (quick step) are occasionally thrown in, with reggaeton and semba added to the mix at weekly Latin night parties. We offer workshops to the public and participate in regional conferences where we get to experience different styles with foreign dancers and learn from international dance instructors.

So, back to our amazing weekend……

Day 1

Tango workshop by LPTT instructors Carol Boissiere and Rodney Phillip – This slow, graceful dance of Argentina was new to us but we loved it, so it will be appearing in our syllabus for this term!

There was plenty of swiveling about and we even tried one move where the male holds his partner and pivots her on her left leg as she gracefully sweeps her outstretched right leg just above the floor in a circle. The instructors did a full demo of all the moves afterward so we could see how it’s really done.

Day 2

Buccament Bay frolic – Our Trinidadian guests spent the day checking out their luxury accom’s, Buccament Bay Resort. Set on a west coast beach, here they could bathe in the sun’s rays poolside or sip a cooler at the beach bar overlooking white sands leading out to a peaceful bay. Much needed relaxation for the night ahead!

Semba workshop by international instructors Frederic Phillipy and Christine Mongin – The waist movements of this Angolan dance reminded me of calypso music, but the sound is more relaxed and it is danced with a partner. They surely put us in the mood for what was next……….

Latin Collision Party – Time to put those semba moves into practice and awaken the night with all our favourites in salsa, merengue, bachata, kizomba, reggaeton and hustle music. Our Trinidadian friends kept us on our toes all night! We broke for a performance by some of our intermediate-level dancers as well as a soca/semba show by red-and-shiny-gold-clad Frederic and Christine.

Day 3

Vermont Nature Trail Hike – Today we were one with nature on a 1.5- hour hike into St. Vincent’s forested hinterland. Under a cool, green canopy, we trekked up and down gradually sloping mountainside, touched some refreshing river water and listened out for the call of the Amazona Guildingi, St. Vincent’s national bird. There was even some vine-swinging!


Vermont Nature Trail hike

Salsa workshop by LPTT instructor Syd Boissiere – After a hearty lunch, it was back on our feet to learn a new routine to an old favourite — salsa! 


Salsa workshop by LPTT instructor Syd Boissiere

Ladies’ styling workshop by LPTT instructor Carol Boissiere – Carol taught us ladies about feeling the music and adding our very own spice to the dance (salsa). Through the flinging of waistlines and throwing out of arms we learned to OWN our dancing, mistakes and all!

Ignite Party – More party fun as we again danced the night away to all our favourite Latin music! We had a great Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired show by Frédéric and Christine, a performance by a beginner couple, and an awe-inspiring tango demo by Carol Boissiere and Rodney Phillip. And we ladies looked hot with our new styling moves!


Ignite Party performance by international dance instructors Frédéric Phillipy and Christine Mongin

Urban kizomba workshop by international instructors Frederic Phillipy and Christine Mongin – We took a break in the partying to learn about the more edgy side of this sensual dance. We couldn’t wait to try out the moves when the party started up again!


Urban kizomba workshop with international dance instructors Frédéric Phillipy and Christine Mongin

Day 4

Bachata workshop at Marty´s Bar by LPTT instructor Kirt Charles – We learned an interesting routine complete with double turns and arm twists. To emphasize good (male) leads, Kirt had the females and then the males close their eyes while doing the routine!

Bachata workshop by LPTT instructor Kirt Charles

Bachata workshop by LPTT instructor Kirt Charles

Beach lime at Buccament – After some post-workshop dancing, we moved the lime to the beachfront where our Trinidadian guests were staying. We swam, danced, took shots, and had cake in honour of the September-borns while the sun slipped away in the distance. Afterwards, it was back to Marty’s Bar for some grilled chicken and pork and an impromptu semba session!

Dancing on the beach at Buccament Bay Resort

Dancing on the beach at Buccament Bay Resort


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