Guadeloupe: 24 Hours on the Butterfly

April 7, 2017

Originally written for Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine. Re-printed with permission. This is the story of a girl who happened to be in the right place at the right time when a guy from Guadeloupe strolled into her office. They met and had a conversation during which she (not so subtly) mentioned how much she wanted to […]

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Black History Month/Valentine’s Day Mash-up

February 26, 2017

We’ve just ended the month of Black history and Valentine’s Day and rather than add to the discussion about the atrocities of slavery or the commercialized list of ways to love your loved one, I wanted to reflect on something different. Why not marry the two topics in a discussion of how enslaved people expressed […]

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Neglected Dogs Steal Hearts at “Animal Kindness”

It started out as a regular flight home: leave St. Vincent, stop in Union and Canouan Islands, and then on to Barbados. Settled in my seat and ready to dive into my latest Spanish novel, I looked up as the flight boarded in Union to notice a man take the seat next to me and […]

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Sea Turtles Crossing

Precious and Protected: The Sea Turtles of Barbados

January 11, 2017

Originally written for Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine. Re-printed with permission. One evening as I was nearing the end of my jog on the boardwalk on Barbados’ south coast, I noticed a crowd gathering and peering intently at something in the sand just up ahead. Small pockets of people dotted a rough line crossing my path from one […]

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How Far We’ve Come in 50 Years, Barbados!

January 7, 2017

On the last day of my mom’s recent visit to Barbados, we were walking to nearby Dover Beach when she started recounting her days at Cable and Wireless (C&W, one of two phone companies at the time) in the 60’s. It’s always a pleasure to see how much she enjoys telling stories from back in […]

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“Need Has No Season”

December 19, 2016

It’s the time for giving (so everyone says) and I felt like writing, so I decided to share a personal experience that encapsulates the title of this post, which is actually a Salvation Army motto: some people are in serious need all year round, not only at Christmas. Here’s my story….  A few Christmases ago, I gave myself […]

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Good Afternoon from Pirate’s Cove, Barbados

November 29, 2016

My photo sequence of a day at the beach always starts with a picture of my legs stretched out towards the sea. Sand-dried toes silhouetted against blue water curling over with white waves, my goal is to make the viewer jealous with awe. This day was no different: it found me at Pirate’s Cove on […]

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Latin Style Weekend Fiesta in St. Vincent

It was the end of September and finally that most anticipated event on our calendar had arrived: the LPSVG-LPTT Latin Fiesta Weekend, where we hosted our sister school, Latin Passion Trinidad & Tobago (LPTT), for 4 days of dancing, workshops, performances, and…. did we say dancing? First of all, who are “we”? “We” are LatinPassion […]

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Barbados Museum of Parliament and National Heroes’ Gallery

October 11, 2016

The wooden door closes quietly behind me to shroud me in a soft yellow light diffused gently on brown wooden floors and the various “browns” of panels, pin-ups, and “preserves” that will lead me through Barbados’ history for the next two hours. Welcome to the Museum of Parliament, an interactive showcase of Barbados’ political history from […]

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The Latin Dance Secret in St. Vincent

What´s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ¨St. Vincent¨? Sparkling (black sand) beaches, deliciously refreshing water sipped out of coconuts with the tops cut off, maybe even views of colourful houses dotting rising terrain in the countryside? How about tasty local dishes and bustling markets teeming with brightly hued fruits, vegetables, […]

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