About The Aviatrix

October 11, 2016

Thanks for visiting Roaming Aviatrix!


Vermont Nature Trail Hike, St. Vincent

These are the stories of my travels and sightseeing, mostly in the Caribbean. As a female pilot (hence the name aviatrix, the feminine for aviator) living in the Caribbean, I am blessed with the opportunity to get out and explore this idyllic region of the world with relative ease.

Flying is great on its own, but what makes it even better is the ability to combine it with something else I truly enjoy — travelling and exploring. It’s really cool to step through the doors of a museum and be taken back to ancient times or lose your breath rappelling on a canyon hike and then be able to share the story with friends and family afterward. Usually, they end up wanting to come and check it out for themselves!


Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

A few months ago a friend suggested I put “pen to paper” and share my stories with the world. I was already doing some travel writing for an online magazine, but a blog would relate my stories in my voice. Voilà, Roaming Aviatrix was born!

When I’m not flying or exploring, I’m reading French or Spanish novels, dancing to Latin music, or hanging out with my amazing godchildren.

Come explore with me and then go see it for yourself! The world is so much more than the 2-by-4 space we occupy, so why not get out and discover it?

Lagoon Beach, Mustique Islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Lagoon Beach, Mustique Islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Happy reading and enjoy the journey,