Canada’s Wonderland With Godmummy Shana

September 28, 2017

Canada’s Wonderland entrance

I had an amazing time with Godmummy Shana at Canada’s Wonderland this summer. It was very exciting. We got there in the morning, and the first place we went to was the gift shop. It had lots of cool souvenirs. Then we went to the candy apple candy shop. There was so much candy in all different colours and shapes and it smelled really great! I had the sour belts.

At the candy store!!


We had to check my height to see if I could go on the rides, and I was tall enough to go on all of them. We went on the Skyhawk first. It was an airplane ride that spun in a circle, got faster and faster, went higher and then turned on its side. I thought it was great, but Godmummy Shana was screaming super duper loud. Ha ha ha. I thought it was so funny! It was an airplane ride and she is a pilot! She screamed all the way back to the ground.

Me at SplashWorks

I went on three water rides. They were all fun. And then we had lunch.

Then I went on a rollercoaster for the first time. I did not know how it would be but I wanted to try it. I did not like it at all! It was creaky! It started out slowly and then went really really fast! I got scared and wanted to get off. I was a little nervous afterwards, but Godmummy Shana talked to me and I felt better and we did not go on any more rides.

We walked around after that and then left in the evening. I always have a fun time with Godmummy Shana, and one day when I get older, I might go on the rollercoaster again, if she goes on the Skyhawk. Ha ha ha.


Godmummy Shana and me

Down the lazy river

We played a game and won a prize!