Put Nutmeg in Your New Year

January 17, 2019

Originally written for Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine. Re-printed with permission. When you hear the word “nutmeg”, what do you think of? Sweet-smelling drinks and desserts? Deliciously earthy aromas floating through the kitchen? Maybe your tastebuds remember the slightly sharp, punchy taste after biting down on a ball of granules stuck together in your hot cereal. Likely. Probably unlikely to come to mind, […]

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The Dark Side of Spice

December 26, 2018

When I think of nutmeg, the sweet but slightly sharp, punchy taste that spiced up drinks, desserts and hot cereals in my childhood comes to mind. Not something I ever paid much attention to, it was always just there, like any other staple in any other West Indian household. This was until a recent trip […]

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